Beach Daycation Tours
Kayaking, Tubing, Zorbing, Bubble Fights, Racing, Soap Soccer, Beach Soccer, Moster Volleyball, Bionic Race, Waterskippong, Sea Scooting, Water gun battles,  
 We go to the beach in the summer for some fun activities. Join us every Saturday and Sunday and some sunny days during the week.  Join us for a trial pick up fun day program for all ages including bubble fun, fitness monster volleyball and challenges. There is something for all ages (kids and toddlers need parental supervision for some activities) including minors with parental authorization - waiver
Come alone and play with us or put a group of 6 to 10 friends together and make a team to play against other teams in the fun and now becoming popular fitness monster volleyball.
Be advised that we will also be holding major contest/tournament (similar to some stunt game shows you see on TV) around the middle of August with up to $5,000 in team prize money so stick around with your teams and friends and take part in other fun fitness challenges and contests to prepare you and you could even win a great prize.
You will be tested physically, mentally and emotionally so get ready to race, lift, carry, throw, get run over, falls, catch, etc. In fact we might even give you our very own version of a bubble bath. We have bouncy equipment as well as BIG BALLS including Bubble Soccer suits, Monster  Volley Balls, Water Balls, Hamster Balls, Soccer Balls, etc. 
In case of bad weather check our facebook page (Niagara Bubble Soccer) or feel free to call us to make sure there are no cancellations.
- Cost per player per session at the beach starts at $10
Cost to use other equipment
 - Vary according to equipment and length of time
- Free to use during instructed challenge games 

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