Giant/Monster Volleyball (SUMMER)
- Pre-Season pickup games:     2 - 4 weeks from June 1st
- League Season kickoff:             8 - 12 weeks from June 
- Tournaments:                                  1st and second weekend of September  
- Venues: Actual venues to be confirmed atfer June 1st
                  - Welland Youngs Sportsplex - Saturdays 6pm - 11pm
                  -  Niagara Falls Sinnicks Sportsplex - Sundays 6pm - 11pm
                  -  St Catharines Port Dlhousie Beach - Sunny days 11am - 4pm
                  -  Fort Erie Crystal Beach - Sunny days 11am - 4pm
- Registration, Fees and rules: Available after June 1st
                  - Welland Youngs Sportsplex - Forms at front desk
                  - Niagara Falls Sinnicks Sportsplex - Forms at front desk
                  - St Catharines Lakeside Beach (Port Dalhousie) - Call 289-686-0386                   -  Fort Erie Crystal Beach (Crystal Beach) - Call 289-686-0386
- Fees: Actual figure to be confirmed after June 1st
                  -  $1,200 per team for for Registration fee for Indoor
                  -  $600 per team for beach leagues
- Rules: Complete rules available after June 1st 
                  -  League games are 50 minutes long
                  -  6 - 12 people per team.
                  -  Categories include - Men, Women, Coed, (all adults 18+)
For more details please text or call 289-686-0386






The-Cool-Bubble Warrior contest is a new challenge contest designed to give back to the community and to enable local businesses to pitch to the community for exposure and for an equal chance to make a sale. It is a a series of challenges between different team categories made up of members with variable strengths and weaknesses to arrive at the one winner.  Unlike some TV shows such as “wipeout” we have made ours almost no contact to minimize the risk of physical injury and to attract more entrants including minors, families, schools, etc besides businesses.

The figures may not be astronomical especially at the beginning but part of  it is definitely built for sale generation. The multiple sponsors dealing in different industries or commodities for exclusivity purposes are accommodated (sponsors/partners) and given an equal unbiased chance of creating a sale. However it does also allow for one sole sponsor that may have the budget and that is willing and able to take up multiple spots. 


Every year or season we will ask businesses in the community to pay for sales pitch advertising space on as many bubbles in as many affiliate locations as they want. Part of the amount paid for the space will include a chance or opportunity to have the bubble/s with their name included in the empty net shooting challenge target so that if the bubble bearing their name is struck Niagara Bubble Soccer pays for the value of the item pitched or offered as a donation, hence every time there is a session, there is a sale.    

The game

The challenges will be no-contact challenges and will be based on skill, common sense and mental accuracy or brilliance. There will be a maximum weight and other rules for eligibility to make it fair and to accommodate both males and females. All teams will take part in the at least 3 challenges to accrue points before being eliminated. Everyone on the winning team will win a prize but they will also play the final 2 challenges to come up with the winner of the grand prize. The challenges may include the following although changes may occur later as we go.


- Monster fitness volleyball (points accrued)

- Flag pick up inside hamster ball without touching the ground (points accrued)

- Hamster ball zorb race and/or Bubble soap soccer (points accrued and totaled and the team with the most point advances)

- bubble last one standing knockouts (order selection of who goes first)

- empty net shooting challenge

The final game

“Empty-net-shooting” challenge game for every booking

Our favorite and probably the most interesting no-contact challenge is the “empty-net-shooting-challenge” while in a bubble soccer suit. This is by no means an easy task as it is one that we have tried many times even without bubbles. It’s one of those challenges that make you want to prove that you can do it because it appears to be so simple. But the only way to play and stand a chance to win would be by placing a booking with one of the affiliate locations

Round 1

After the session (about 15 minutes before their time is up) the bubbles labelled with names of participating sponsors or partners will be lined up about 2 feet apart at the center half and everyone in the group will line up by the 18 area line and will have one chance to kick the ball aiming at one of the bubbles. Whichever bubble they hit is the bubble they will wear to attempt to score on an empty net from the center line. Whoever fails to kick at a bubble will lose the chance to play the empty net shooting challenge and those that manage will move to round 2.

Round 2

After the first round everyone that managed to strike a bubble will put on the bubble they struck and attempt to score on an empty net. Everyone gets only one chance and whoever misses is eliminated until there is only one winner. Whoever wins the challenge will be given the gift certificate for either the product being promoted or a discount towards the purchase of the product on the bubble they were wearing which they can claim from any sponsor outlet location.

Remitting funds

At the end of the month or the week when the facility remits the payment to Niagara Bubble Soccer (or to Labatt in the first year) we will also remit a payment for the vouchers or gift certificate that will have been presented at the store front or location by the winner of the challenge and by so doing we will be buying the cases there by increasing the sales for the brand.

Annual Contest

Depending on the response we would like to be able to invite everyone team that won to take part in a regional contest where the winner would win say $1,000 and a chance to go to the across Canada grand final where they would meet in the summer in Niagara for a chance to win a grand prize of say $50,000 which will have already been recovered from all the sales that would be generated from the increase in the number of people buying the brand. The winner would then be crowned as THE-COOL-BUBBLE warrior Canada.



Winter (to be advised)

- monster fitness volleyball

- bubble last one standing knockouts
- hamster ball zorb race

- bubble kick dodgeball

- others to come later

For more details and registration inquiries please text or call Kelvin at 289-686-0386

We are officially launching our website on June 1st. 2016 and starting June 11th, you may join us for some fun and fitness pickup sessions every Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 12pm (other days, times, venue and cover charge may change later). We will run pick up sessions for all age groups kids (from 5 years+) and adults (bubble activity, zorb race and relay, kids on the bounce and monster fitness volleyball) at Welland Youngs Sportsplex to start and then start the leagues after a few weeks. The cover charge will be $10 per person for at least 30 minutes and there may be prizes to be won.

We hope to start the leagues by July 1st based on what activities most people are interested in doing.and how many register 

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