Here you have 4 options

  • BUY - You can purchase Bubble suits, the bubble skates, zorb bikes and zorb trikes as well as the  accessories to use and maintain your equipment. Discounts apply for buying in bulk.

  • LEASE - You may also lease If you don't wish to deal with headaches that come with repair and maintenance. Lease tearms are an annual renewable agreement. Call us for full details 

  • RENT - You may also rent the bubbles for the hour or for the day

  • MODIFY - You may also have your bubble upgraded by either having the old stocks modified or traded in for the new bubbles in case you are carrying the old stocks and wish to have them replaced


- select product type = Bubble soccer suit/ buble skates/ zorb bike/ zorb trikes

- select material type = 

- select your order type = buy/ lease (Canada & US only)/rent (Niagara & Area only)/modify

- select your color =  clear/clear & blue/clear &red/clear & green/clear & purble/clear & pink/clear & orange

- select diameter size = 1.0/1.2/1.5/1.7

- select patern = different color half/different color strips

- logo sign = yes/no

- logo wording  = yes/no

- enter quantity = ____ 


1-10/11-20/21-30/31-40/41-50/51-100/101 +

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