What to Expect

This year contestants will meet at the grand event that takes place in the first and second weekend of Septmber at the Welland Youngs Sportsplex, for a chance to win "The Cool Bubble" gifts and prizes. Next year, the winner from the region will earn themsleves a ticket to compete against other winners from other regions for a chance to win ever bigger grand prizes.

The 4 entry options will include

1. Last one standing - So you think you are tough

2. Fastest hamster runner

3. Monster Volleyballs finest 

4. Most Sports Multitalented - So you think you can score on an empty net challenge

1. LAST ONE STANDING - So you think you are tough

This will be the battle for the brave. Contestants will go head to head on an inflatable stage (possibly a stage sorrounded by water) and knock each other off the stage for our own version of the bubble bath or pin each other down for count of up to 3 seconds.  bubble bath broken down in the following entry categories

   - Team of 6 Men category

   - Team of 6 Women category

   - Team of 6 (3 men 3 women) category

   - Family (Mother, father, 2 kids, 2 relatives) 

   - Couples (3 men and 3 women)

2. Most Sports multitalented

   - Team of 6 Men category

   - Team of 6 Women category

   - Team of 6 (3 men 3 women) category

   - Family (Mother, father, 2 kids, 2 relatives) 

   - Couples (3 men and 3 women)

Bookings to take part in the tournament start from July 1st through to August 31. In order to qualify to win in your region and qualify to the grand finale you have to score the highest. The winning and qualification process is a 4 stage series of games and challenges to come up with only one player to move to the final and may include but aren't limited to the following

1. Last one standing challenge cage match

2. Monster fitness volleyball

3. Giant hamster ball zorb race or inflatable boat race

4. kick and score up to 5/5 balls into an empty net

5. Pick favorite sport and shoot and score 

For full details, fees, rules, terms and conditions click here after June 1st

PRE TOURNAMENT (Weekend pick up programs - no awards) PROCESS

- Participants will meet every saturday or Sunday at 9:45am for registration 

- Group will be divided into 2 or 4 groups with each having the closest equal gender and age

- Each group will then further be divided into groups 4-10 men, women, boys and girls

- Each group will have up to 15 minutes at each activity center to practice and come up with a strategy

- After 45 minutes each group will enter their group segments to challenge the other group segments

- The group with the most points in total will win the chance to play favorite sport empty net challenge

- Each participant will get 5 balls in each round and attempt to score on an empty net in increaments

- First round all you have to score 1 out of 5 balls. You are eliminated if you miss all

- The second round will will require 2 out of 5, then 3 out of 5, then 4 out of 5, then 5 out of 5

- If every one misses the host will retain the prize. If only one scores then that person has to go up to 5   

Welcome to the Cool Bubble Game Show Rules, Terms & Conditions


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