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If you are looking to go on tour whether its a group tour with your friends to a sports event or amusement activity center, whether its a family holiday, academic tour or business group tour and wish to not only save some money and time but also be in the company of some great people then we are the right people for you. 

The cheapest way to pay for fun activities is to buy group package deals and where possible visit multiple destinations in one trip. We have now partnered and still continue to partner up with other fun and amusement service providers everywhere to make ours the best 


Our school visits programs have become both inbound as well as outbound. Which means you can come to us or we can come to you wherever you are and now include both local and international travel. In May of 2018, we will be visiting the Southern African region through the beautiful country of Zambia and you are all invited

As an entity based in Canada's largest tourist region we want to not only accord visitors from out of town and out of the country an opportunity to have fun with our array of activities and experience what our beautiful country has to offer, but also we want to give locals a chance to travel with us to see and experience the wonderful things that the world out there has to offer. Its a great chance to witness how we keep touching many people's lives with our works

If you want to explore the best of what Niagara has in terms of entertainment, culture, amusement etc then look no further than Niagara Bubble Soccer Tours. Our private tours are the best way to have some personal customized tour of Niagara Falls and area and what it has to offer, be it by yourself, with your family, spouse, friends or any group be it academic, business or otherwise. 
Its always fair to assume that the reason most tourists come to Niagara is to see the water fall. But there is more to see and do in the region from amusements, rides, history, culture and obviously entertainment. Different people from different backgrounds and age groups like different things and this is where we come in

We hope to have our first international tour exchange program between Canada and Southern Africa before the snow melts this 2018/2019 winter and everyone is invited. For more details please please text/call 289-686-0386

To learn more on local tours and school visits please select the tab from above

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