Bubble Soccer & Games
Whether you're having a party, social event, team building, etc bubble soccer games are perfect activity. You can play regular bubble soccer, or other bubble games such as the octopus, last one standing or one-on-one. Most people don't care so much about the ball any more, they just want to knock each other to the ground which is fine by us
Venue Options
-  Welland Youngs Sportsplex 
-  Rent to use at your own facility 
-  Other affiliate Locations - Coming Soon
Rates for Onsite Hourly Rentals
To play at Welland Youngs Sportsplex, as of April 1st 2018 every booking will require a minimum security deposit of $276.85 or $361.60     
- $150 for the field ($75 during the week before 6pm & summer)
- $100 for up to 10 bubbles for up to 10 people
- $70 for equipment handling, set up, take down & on site maintenance
- Tax of 13% is extra
Additional Charges
- $10/person/bubble/hour for up to 46 bubbles, $5/hr for extra people
- $40 per hour for additional hours of onsite maintenance assistance
- $50 for Party room for food and snacks if needed (optional)
- Knee/toe Pads - $5/pair per session (optional)
- Soccer ball - Free - Tax is extra
- Onsite maintenance assistance - $40/hour (free drop off and pickup for 3 or more hours labor - optional)
- Where the number of bubbles rented is less than the number of people a minimum equivalent to the half the size of the group shall be charged at $10/hr for up to 46 bubbles and the remainder shall be charged at $5/hr/person
Rates for Offsite Hourly Rentals
(Your school, own facility or backyard)
- a) Bubble Suits $35/Bubble/day (10 bubbles minimum)
  b) Bubble Suits $25/Bubble/ 2 hours (10 bubbles minimum) 
  b) Bubble Suits $20/Bubble/hour (10 bubbles minimum) 
- Drop off and pick up of equipment $70 
- Onsite maintenance assistance - $40/hour (free drop off and pickup for 3 or more hours labor - optional)
- Knee/toe Pads - $5/pair per session
- Soccer ball - Free

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