Hamster  Ball Race & Crush
Don't be scared to get run over by this Giant squishy ball. Unlike Inidana Jones in "Raiders of the lost Arc", its actually fun to lay down and be run over by a zorb. Make sure to lay down before it gets you though otherwise it will hurt. Enjoy a good run or relay race inside the famous zorb hamster balls. 
Venue Options
-  Welland Youngs Sportsplex 
-  Other affiliate Locations - Coming Soon
-  Your own venue - Available for 2 hours and daily rentals only
Rates per hour (Onsite)
-  Zorb Hamster Ball $100 / hour
- Cost to use the field - according to venue ($150 winter, $75 summer)
Rates per hour or day (Offsite)
- Zorb Hamster/ball for 2 hours = $200
- Zorb Hamster/ball per day = $300
- $70 for delivery set up and take down

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