New Fun -Active-Health-Fitness Classes
Are you an employer, self employed or even unemployed? How active, healthy and fit is your workplace or corporate team? Whoever you are chances are you would love your team and yourself including loved ones to be active, healthy and fit. And while there are now gyms all over, the fact is that GYM is not fun and is very hard to keep up with, yet so easy to give up.
The good news is the Niagara-Bubble-Soccer is now more than just about chasing the ball and knocking each other down while inside the bubble. If you have already tried bubble soccer then you will agree that its quite a fun work out because
1.  The bubbles are, heavy although you bearely notice because yor brain is having fun
2.  You sweat a lot, at least twice as much as regular sports
3  You need oxygen to breakdown the glucose and create the fuel for your muscle to exercise
4  You have loads of fun from various challenging activities
The above named factors are the basis on which we have established our "FUN-ACTIVE-HEALTH-FITNESS" program and have added more fun activities. The only reason you will know you are working out is that we told you today. Otherwise you wouldn't know as your brain will be so engaged in having so much fun until you look in the mirror.
And so after popular demand from our fans and fitness lovers, we are starting fun fitness classes. The first intro class is set  for Saturday at the Sinnicks Sportsplex from 6pm-7pm for now, $10 cover charge. Other days and times and lowered membership and venues will start as soon as we have enough interested members. We would like to work with your time table if we can
Suggested Drills
1   Bubble Zumba Dance
2  Bubble soccer knockouts 
3  Bubble Race
4  Bubble Flag pickup
5  Kick against each other 
6  MonsterVolleyball
7  Kick Dodgeball
Fitness Monster Volleyball is one of the most exciting activities you will ever play and a great way to meet people and work as a team. Unlike regular volleyball this ball is heavier but has ideal weight for your fitness. Instead of spiking it you have to lift it as a team and throw it over the net to the other side, where they attempt to catch it. You get a point when the ball touches the ground on the other side. This fun activity is ideal for all ages 13 and above including daring senior. You do not need any prior volleyball skills to play.
For more inquiries and to make a reservation please call 289-686-0386 or register by following this link

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