Bubble Soap Soccer
Venue Options:
-  Welland Youngs Sportsplex - Available
-  Other affiliate Locations - Coming Soon
-  Your own venue - Available for daily rentals only
We pour water or soap water on the floor of the inflatable court to make it slippery and now its a party. We dare you to stay on your feet the whole time. You will be wearing an inflatable bubble and the floor is like a jumping castle so you will be well protected for falls.
Again, you can lose the ball and just focus on knocking each other to the ground. You can go head to head, one team against the other or every man/woman for him/herself to get others tired or knocked down to the ground so that you can win by pulling the flags hanging from the ceiling of the cage enclosure (with your suit on) just like they do in WWE. Its  another fun no escape cage match for the brave.
Price per hour (Onsite)
- Inflatable bouncy soccer field (cage 25'x39') - $200
- Bubble Suits (minimum 10 suitsrequired) $10/suit
- Soap and water addition/removal - $100
- Knee/toe Pads - $5/pair per session 
- Drying Towel - $5/towel
Price per day (Offsite)
- Inflatable field (cage 25'x39') - $450 
- Inflatable bouncy base (23'x39')- $450
- Inflatable field (cage) with bouncy base - $800
- Bubble Suits $35/suit (minimum 10 suits)
- Knee/toe Pads - $5/pair per session
- Drying Towel - $5/pair
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