Canada/USA to Africa 
Niagara Bubble Soccer has started academic and group tours to Africa and you are all invited. This is a great opportunity for you to tour and explore the best of what Africa has to offer in terms of tourism, resources and culture. But Africa is a huge continent with over 50 countries and we can't visit them all in one trip. We've selected a few that we think would interest you 
Our multiple nations tour takes about 3 to 4weeks, arriving through Nairobi-Kenya, then into Tanzania through Moshi's mont Kilimanjaro and then the island of Zanzibar, then Dar-es-alaam and then into Zambia via Tazara, and then spend some time in Zambia and visit key places before visiting the mighty Zambezi river and the Victoria falls. We also visit some parts of Zimbabwe and if there is enough demand, the Kalahari sands of Botwana or the Namib desert of Namibia. We plan to include more countries as we go including South Africa and possibly Angola and the safer part of Congo DRC in the near future if there is enough demand
The purpose of this tour is to accord Canadians and other North Americans the cheapest safest most organized way to tour Africa for holidays and to see what opportunities are available to work with or do works in Africa for economic as well as youth and child development and empowerment. During our time there we hope to also donate some sports equipment and upgrade community sports facilities. The package below is a starter pack and subject to change at the time of booking. Please text/call/ whatsapp +1-289-686-0386

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