Welcome to CLUB U-DIG-1, the business club that acts as your personal assistant and helps to facilitates and processes receipts and payments. Don't have a credit card or unable to use the available payment options? now you can use the club's card and other convenient payment tools and methods. Whether you need to make a one time or recurring payment, pay your bills, place a booking or reservation, shopping, buy or import online, rent an item (including car rental for registered members), shop online or import, we are here to help you make that payment to verified vendors (in some cases we also pick up and deliver). enjoy more benefits including shared costs, office space and expenses, bills management, virtue office and more 
Be prepared to pay a fee made up of the mandatory or transmission fees, a fixed service charge amount and a percentage interest potion plus delivery in some cases
- transmission fees - some transactions have associated payment transmission fees so either way be ready to bear the cost
​- Service Charge - The standard service or administration charge is $10 Canadian dollars
- Interest charge - The additional interest we charge is varies from 2.99% to 10% (rate may be higher if we have to wait for the payment longer)
- payment pickup or delivery - not all regions have this service but where it applies the fee will depend on where we have to go for a pick up
We accept payments by cash (front desk or directly into our bank account), paypal, debit card, western union, bank certified cheque (even regular cheque for registered members) and email money transfer,
We have made the process very simple and straight forward, you pay us what you need to pay plus the fee and we remit the payment to your payee for you right away. We always process the payments instantly but as a safeguard we ask that you give us up to 24 hours. Please note that sometimes different time zones come into play if we are remitting a payment to a region that may be past business hours hence closed by the time we receive your payment. to ensure accuracy we prefer that you may make your request online by filling out the short form

If you have a problem... if no one else can help... and if you can find us.. maybe you can use us... CLUB U-DIG-1

Club U-DIG-1 

Please note, this page is for temporary use only, the website www.udig1.com  is still under reconstruction

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