So you think you can score on empty net? If so, then we dare you to prove it from the center line. Starting Mar 1st of 2018 Niagara-Bubble-Soccer will be making surprise visits to random individuals, soccer teams/groups at the Niagara Falls Sinnicks Sportsplex, Welland Youngs Sportsplex and other facilities, to run a FREE "empty-net shooting-skills-challenge", that will be broadcast and shared online. If you are that lucky individual and you score or outscore everyone in your group or team, we'll give you a cool prize or cash. In case we miss you we  also have fee contest options 


1. You may play for free as an individual, group or team if you are randomly approached by Niagara-Bubble-Soccer and could win up to nearest $50

2. Groups that book a minimum of 20 bubbles may also request to play in the last 15 minutes of their session for a chance to win up to nearest $50

3. Fans and friends that follow/like us (Niagara Bubble Soccer) on twitter, instagram, facebook or youtube may also play by sending us a request to be visited through a message. Please bare with us if we don't make it to you as we can only visit so may groups in a month

4. You may take part in our pre-summer tournament around April 1st for a chance to win. $200 per team of 10 to enter, up to $2,000 in prizes

5. You may take part in our post-summer tournament on August 30th for a chance to win. Up to $200 to enter, up to $2,000 in prizes

6. You may also take part in our end of the year tournament around December 31st for a chance to win. Up to $350 to enter, up to $5,000 in prizes

7.  If the overall response is good at the April 1st tournament, we may have $10 sessions every Sat and Sun morning at 9am, from Apr 15th-Aug 12t


Be ready to shoot the ball over a wall of bubbles. And except for the tournament, also be prepared to shoot while wearing the-cool-bubble to maximize your winnings if you outscore everyone. This shooting-skills-challenge is open to anyone who can kick the ball with their legs. Once there are enough contestants from both males and females, we plan to have separate streams even for minors and and other group categories


Please note that only up to 50% of the total collected from fees may be used towards prizes which may include 1st, 2nd and third prize awards of cash and medals. For the Saturday and Sunday contests sessions, there will be only 1 winner and the fee to get in will be $10 per person regardless of age or gender and whether taking part or not, due to limited space. We plan to give out a total of up to $1,000 every session event starting April 15th. However the entitled guaranteed cash prizes will be dependent on the number of registered participants. Therefore we recommend that you bring as many friends and even enemies as you can, as the more people attend, the higher the amount you stand a chance to win..


Although rules may change from time to time, the shooting-skills-challenge will run like a TV game-show elimination challenge. There will be more chances for the tournaments as well as the Saturday and Sunday contests starting April 1st. Contestants will get up to 5 soccer balls to start and there will be no elimination before the third round. The total number of converted balls in the first, second and third round will be added together first to determine who gets  eliminated, before moving on to the fourth and fifth round. The number of balls each contestant is entitled to will reduce by 1 going into the following round, ie only 4 balls in the second round, 3 balls in the third round, and 2 balls in the fourth and fifth round.  

The top contestants (up to 10/stream) that score the most points after adding up will move on to the fourth round. Where 2 or more contestants at the bottom of the cutoff have the same score, a rematch will be retaken and a coin toss may be done to determine who goes first. Where there are sponsored item or gift card/voucher prizes, the top scorers may also get a prize by choosing according to their ranking in terms of the score. 

After the first elimination, the remaining contestants will move on to round 4 with only 2 balls each and another elimination will be done after by adding up the total of converted balls up to that level. And then the final round will occur with each remaining contestant having 2 balls at their disposal. Where everyone scores, the distance may be adjusted by 5 feet. Whoever gets the highest total score wins the first prize money in the tournament, and the second and third best will win 2nd and 3rd prizes accordingly in the tournament.


For random and weekly contests, there will be only 1 winner, and the first offer prize money is calculated as = number of registered contestants x $1. For example, if number of registered contestants in your group is 603 people. then your first prize offer is 603 x $1 = $603. (minimum prize $10)

At this point you will be given the option to either take the cash and walk away or risk loosing it all by trying to maximize your winnings to 5 times as much. (eg, 5 x $603, so you would win $3,015 instead of $603) by taking a shot at the main empty net while wearing the-cool-bubble suit in a win-it-all-or-nothing-scenario. Only 1 ball will be available for this attempt. If you score, you will be declared the-cool-bubble-warrior and win the prize, but if you miss then you lose everything. The higher the number of registered contestants the larger the first offer and maximum prize (up to $10,000) hence you are advised to bring as many friends as possible even enemies..


At any point between the first and fifth round, contestants will have the option to redeem themselves instantly with 5 points by opting to take a more difficult shot or shots, curving the ball so that you score on the empty net on the sideline (at 180 degree angle) to either make up for missed points or to get ahead faster. 


- If the winner opts to shoot with the-cool-bubble but misses, then he walks away with zero, but gets to play for free or still keeps the sponsored prize where available)
- If everyone misses in the first round on first attempt then no winner will be declared for that week.

- If everyone scores in a round, a rematch or different challenge may be used to break the deadlock

- For a goal to count, it has to cross the line completely 

- Where the referee is not sure the shot will have to be retaken

For full details, registration, full rules and conditions Text/Call 289-686-0386 

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