DATE- Every last Saturday/Sunday of the month all summer from Apr 1 - Aug 27
TIME - 9am -10am kids 6-14 yrs, 10am - 11am adults & teens 15+

            - BONUS EMPTY NET SHOOTING CHALLENGE: 8:30 - 9am
VENUES- Niagara Falls Sinnicks Sportsplex, 3710 Sinnicks Avenue 
                   Welland Youngs Sportsplex, 570 River Rd, (also coming soon)
COVER CHARGE- $10 per person entrance fee (free for kids 4 years and below)

Sports, athletics and fitness is good for everyone. It keeps us active, healthy, out of trouble and even produces Olympic medalists.. But there comes a time when boys and girls or men and women also just need to have fun without worrying so much about the aggressive competing and who is better than who, or who makes the team 
As part of our "fun-active-health-fitness" campaign in schools and the workplace we have introduced a bubble-fun-day, for everyone to have fun and an equal chance to be rewarded for putting up an impressive performance. To make it as fair as possible most included activities have very minimal contact and require very little or no skills.
Teams/groups will go through several "fun-active-health-fitness" activity stations to practice or master how best to do the particular activity before going up against the other teams to determine the winning team. Up to 3  or 4 of the activities below will be used to determine the winning team
1. Hamster ball relay race and item pickup (mostly indoors but don't rule out water) 
2. Bouncy Castle handicapped cage match knockdowns
3. Last one standing bubble bull fighting challenge (match up by size)
4. One-on-One bubble bull fighting knockouts
5. Regular Soap Soccer
6. Bubble Soap soccer
7. Regular Monster Volleyball
8. Bubble Monster Volleyball 
9. Mountain Rope Climbing
10. Human Foosball  
Bubble-fun-day will be played in a game-show format. Where the teams are already made they will compete accordingly against other teams depending on the category for that day (families, corporate, etc). Where they are not, a total of 4 teams (Teams A,B,C and D) will be set up as evenly equally matched as possible . That means about the same number of men, women, boys, girls, younger, older, taller, shorter, built, etc.
Teams will rotate through different activity stations and each team will have only 5-10 minutes to master the best way to excel at that station activity as well as pick the best team to represent their team in the contest. The teams will then compete against each others by completing a series of challenges through each station while accruing points. and the team that collects the most points will win.
For prizes, only 1 male and 1 female can be winners so where sponsors are available, members of the winning team will battle it out by playing the empty-net-shooting elimination challenge for chance to win the sponsored cool non-cash prize or gift card.
Where there are no sponsors the winning team will have to battle it out by playing the same empty-net-shooting challenge to come up with 2 winners (1 male and 1 female) that will each get a cool prize sponsored by Niagara Bubble Soccer Inc.
Where provided by sponsors or offered by the host, anyone regardless of gender or age may participate in the open-for-all "Empty-Net-Shooting" elimination challenge after the winning team's encounter. For this contest, there will be a females stream and males stream, and will follow the same pattern. The person that outscores the rest will win the prize and may be offered the option to take the cash or go for more. Unless otherwise stated, you get only 1 chance to kick the ball into the net. You miss, you are eliminated. You score, you move on and get closer to winning the cash prize.
To save times at the door and to cut down on overcrowding in the parking lot and inside the dome or sports facility, you may have to pre-sign up online by filling out the waiver and form or at the front desk at least 48 hours before the event.  Only as many as the facility can take will be able to take part in the open-for-all challenge. 
Priority will be given to those that already paid to participate in the bubble-fun-day activities. That means, when attendance is extremely high, only those that paid for bubble fun day will get the chance to also participate in the empty-net-challenge.
The winners of this challenge (1 male and 1 female) will be given the option to either take the cash award offered or to collect more cash by going one more time and scoring while wearing the-cool-bubble suit.
In a case where everyone scores in a particular round then everyone will move on to the next round but the number of goals needed to move on will be raised by 1. 
The first "Bubble-Fun-Day" will be held at Niagara Falls Sinnicks Sportsplex (3710 Sinnicks Avenue L2J 2G7) on Saturday of March 25 from 7- 8pm for children 6 - 14 yrs and from 8pm to 9pm for adults and teens 15 yrs and above. There after it will be every weekend (Saturday and Sunday) morning from 9a - 10am for children, 10-11am for adults and from 11am to 11:30 for the empty-net-shooting challenge. 
As this will be held at a facility that is busy, has limited parking and can only take so many people at a time, a $10 cover per person will be charged towards attendance. Unless stated otherwise there is no additional charge for using the equipment on the "Bubble-Fun-Day" or for taking part in the activities game or the "empty-net-shooting" challenge. In other words the chance to win prizes is free but whether or not you plan to take part in the lined up activities the fee to attend is $10. 
Bookings may have to be done online or at the front desk at least 48 hours before the event. Other than checking for your names on the list, there will be no time to book or collect money at the door on day of the event and all bookings are non refundable
You will need indoor court running shoes (no clits allowed), a clean pair of socks and a towel.  To make a reservation to play please click on the link and fill out the form accordingly. Or you may go to forms and waivers at the bottom of the page 
-  For all general inquiries - Text/Call 289-686-0386





Do you love cash prizes? Of course you do, who doesn't? But do you think you can score on an empty net from the center? If so, then join us every Tuesday night from 10-10:30pm for a chance to win cash if you outscore everyone in our empty-net shooting-skills-challenge

Feel free to stick around and play soccer or whatever activities are going on after. Your fee is covered to play if you win the pre-session shooting-skills-challenge, otherwise its $10.

Get ready to win even more cash on Saturday/Sunday starting April 1st. Up to $1,000 may be given out every weekend. Click here to learn more about shooting-skills-challenge  

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