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A fun active health lifestyle is very key to what we do and so we now bring to you an assortment of other fun things to do besides bubble soccer.  Whether you're having a party for a birthday, anniversary, engagement, school event, corporate get together, team building or just visiting the area and are looking for something fun to do, we have fun options for all ages. You may book as a group and play at any of our affiliate locations or you may rent the equipment to go to your own location for the day.

Popular activities and rentals include the following (see drop down menu for full details, photos and videos):

1.   Bubble Soccer and bubble related games (last one standing, red rover, octopus, one-on-one, flip race, kick dodge-ball)

2.   Hamster Zorb ball (racing and relay, lay on the ground and get run over)

3.   Monster/Giant Fitness Volleyball (you can play with or without the nets)

4.   Bouncy jump pad fun for kids and young adults (up to 10 adults at a time)

5.   Beach fun day (we bring the equipment and the party to the beach when the weather permits)

6.   Enjoy the hamster zorbs balls or waterballs on water in the summer when we go to the beach

7.   Our river tubing and zorbing program is still going through the approval process from the authorities and will among other things include tubing, boating, kayaking and zorbing. Stay in touch and we will update you when we launch.

8.   We pick up tourists and locals from the hotels and major bus station on the weekends and bring them to the beach or to the facility. We also have other bus arranged tour and trips for out of town activities including major sports games, conventions and concerts.

9.   Check out our list of upcoming fun fitness leagues, tournaments and challenges from drop down menu.  

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