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Payments  Assistance- Renting, Shopping and deliveries

If you thought Niagara Bubble Soccer, Rentals and Tours was all just about bubbles, wait till you see what we do when we are not busy playing with bubbles. Introducing the "pimp-my-wheels' program. this is exactly what it sounds like, except instead of you making the trip to us we come to you, and we do it right in your driveway, At this point you must be thinking, I don't want to make any mess in my driveway or backyard!!! well you won' a matter of fact us coming to you is just for your won convenience so you don't have to stop what you are doing. otherwise other than taking the tires off your car on your driveway, we do everything else inside our mobile truck
ave a credit card. Our Auto-Time-Share program not only gives you the cheapest way to own a vehicle but you also save money on insurance premiums. There are many benefits to being a member or user of CLUB U-DIG-1 including but not limited to the following   
-  Painted Rims
-  Labled or painted tires
-  rim edge protection
-  door edge protection
-  break pad painting
-  rim painting + rim edge protection
-  rim painting + rim edge protection + brak pad painting + door edge protection Credit card purchases (global and no need to be there)
Virtual Office (global)
In order to use our service you need to be able to pay us by
- email money transfer
- pay cash into our cibc bank account
- or cash at the front desk
- paypal
Ink Refill (local and need to be there)
Custom Signs n Labels (local and need to be there)
Tours (local and need to be there)

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