Artificial Grass/Turf
Portable /Permanent Turf 
Indoor /Outdoor Application
Small orders coming Soon
Currently only taking custom orders minimum 1,000 sq ft
-  Available for custom sizes and shapes according to request
Bad weather, floor too hard and dangerous, poor rainy season, weed, potholes, etc these are inconveniences that should never be an excuse in the modern day. Its 2016 and technology has advanced so much and fortunately we have all solutions.
We know the weather in Canadian and USA has a mind of its own. You can get 4 different seasons in the same day, from sunny to cold, to rainy to a snow fall. But with our idea of portable turf the weather will never stand in your way if you have a gym or enclosure. We have turf solutions for indoor and outdoor applications for both portable and permanently fixed turf 
Call us with your requirements and budget and we will be happy to work out a plan or package that suits your needs. We offer payment plans and long term rental
Price to Rent per hour (Onsite) 
- Starting at $50 per piece
Price to Rent per day 
- Starting at $250 per piece
Price to Rent per month (annual lease) 
- Starting at $ per 350 - 1,500 month
Price to buy and own (Outright cash purchase)
- Starting $2.60 - $5.7 per square foot
Prices are dependent on the size, grade of the turf and payment plan. Please call 289-686-0386 for details

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