If you are in the bubble soccer business then you obviously know about the nightmare involved in trying to fix them when they break. And by now most likely you will have replaced your bubbles a few times already by buying new ones. Meanwhile your customers keep complaining that they are hot and can't see or breath properly so they keep wanting to wear the suit half way.


Well get ready to say good bye to those days because Niagara Bubble Soccer has come up with a solution, the-cool-bubble.

Not only have we developed a bubble suit that allows you to see and breath clearly but it also channels air through the window giving the user a nice cool breeze. It is also a lot easier to wear and safer because it comes with a cushion over the head.

Do these bubbles break? Hhhhhmmmm yeah!! of course they will break because Justin and Sarah over there keep abusing them by sitting or leaning on them especially if you don't tell them. Fortunately there is a way you may never have to worry about fixing them or buying new ones because we will do that for you at no extra cost if you are eligible.

The-Cool-Bubble will launch in January of 2017 and we have started accepting orders. Give us a call to learn more about the options for acquiring unlimited bubbles without buying them.  You can acquire these bubble and use them at no cost if you are eligible or you may rent, lease, buy, exchange and even modify older versions if they are still in acceptable shape. To make a request for bubbles please fill out the form below and one of our agents will call you to complete the order. To view the prices please follow this bubble suits prices link 


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