If you are in the bubble soccer business then you'll have been told countless times by your customers that they can't see or can't breath properly. And trying to fix them when they break is another nightmare because even when you have a warranty from the supplier in China its unrealistic and almost impossible to fulfill so you just end up buying new ones again.

Well get ready to say good bye to those days because Niagara Bubble Soccer has come up with a solution, the-cool-bubble. Not only have we developed a bubble suit that allows you to see and breath clearly, but it also channels air through the window at the front giving the user a nice cool breeze. The protective strip over the head also makes this bubble safer and easier to wear. Now we even have a program that will enable you to use our bubbles at no cost to you if you are eligible.

We are getting ready to launch The-Cool-Bubble in Summer of 2017 and we have started taking orders. You may acquire these bubbles and use them at no cost if you are eligible or you may rent, lease, buy, exchange and even modify older versions if they are still in acceptable shape. To order or make a request please call us at 289-686-0386 and one of our agents will help you

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