Club U-DIG-1 

Welcome to CLUB U-DIG-1, Your cheapest and trusted method for buying and renting items (autos, equipment, etc) as well as paying for items online when you don't have a credit card. Our Auto-Time-Share program not only gives you the cheapest way to own a vehicle but you also save money on insurance premiums. There are many benefits to being a member or user of CLUB U-DIG-1 including but not limited to the following   
-  Buying
-  Renting
-  Waiting
-  Valet
-  Delivery Service
- Credit card purchases (global and no need to be there)
Virtual Office (global)
In order to use our service you need to be able to pay us by
- email money transfer
- pay cash into our cibc bank account
- or cash at the front desk
- paypal
Ink Refill (local and need to be there)
Custom Signs n Labels (local and need to be there)
Tours (local and need to be there)

If you have a problem... if no one else can help... and if you can find us.. maybe you can use... CLUB U-DIG-1

Payments  Assistance- Renting, Shopping and deliveries

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