Venue Options:
-  St Catharines Port Dalhousie Beach - beach days
-  Fort Erie Crystal beach - coming soon on beach days
-  Welland Youngs Sportsplex - Coming Soon
-  Other affiliate Locations - Coming Soon
-  Your own venue - Available for daily rentals only
Summer weather is unpredictable so almost every nice day is beach day for us and beach day means we bring the party to the beach
Enjoy real hamster fun inside an inflated hamster ball or zorb on the lake or in a pool of water. This is fun for all ages not you will have  a good laugh as you try to stay on your feet only to fall on your behind. 
Price per hour (Onsite at the beach)
-  Waterball - $10 for up to 15 minutes (1 at a time)
-  Zorb hamster ball - $10/10 minutes (2 can go at once)
-  Always confirm before going to the beach. For the update please forward your whatsapp number so we can add you to the group 
Price per day (Offsite)
- Waterballs - $100/day 
- Water bay pool $30 each
- Cost to use the field - according to the venue
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